Leave A Job In Style

How to leave a job in style?

Let's be honest. You will not retire in the job you have now with the company you work for now. Or at least we all hope you will not! So at some point soon, you will need to say goodbye, most likely to leave for a new job with another company.

What should you do?

Now there's much advice on this, but I think Melody Kramer has a great multistage process you should read through. Don't worry, its a quick read.

The overall point is that you should never leave in a huff, or in a rush. Take your time, exit gracefully. Remember, ICT4D is a very, very small world. One bad departure will mar your chances with all those ex-employees and their friends.

So be smart and keep a stiff upper lip no matter why you are leaving. No one likes a person who bad mouths their ex-colleagues, as we will all be ex-colleagues at some point.

What do I do?

I've always had the goal of giving an employer a month's notice, so my exit can be structured and patient, with all of my work turned over to others. No, I haven't always achieved that, and I feel guilty still about my quick exits. Such is life.

Still, those times I took my time? Worth every extra day.

*Photo courtesy of DollarBits