Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Wayan Vota offers personal career coaching to help you explore the job you want, why employers might hire you for it, and how to position yourself to be hired for your dream job.

The coaching starts with an hour-long session that will:

  • Explore your background and your dreams
  • Figure out what you want to do in the development space
  • Brainstorm on where and with whom you could do that
  • Revamp your overall approach – from CV to informational interviews to social media
  • Define your next steps to make sure you get your dream job

You should come out of the session with a clear view of what you want, where it can be found, and how you will get it. You can follow up with half-hour sessions as needed to make sure you’re successful in your job search.

If you’re interested in a personal coaching session, please purchase an hour block of time to start and then 1/2 blocks now, or as you need.

Career Coaching

What Professionals Say About My Career Coaching

Just listen to these satisfied colleagues:

“I wanted to say thank you for all your help with my job search. After directing my search toward what I was most interested in, I have accepted a job with Last Mile Health in Liberia as the M & E Field Associate to coordinate their mobile data with community health workers. The advice you gave me to really focus on the title I was interested in and place I wanted to be was great.” Kathleen Buchholz, Last Mile Health 

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“ICT4D Jobs was required reading for my students – not just to demonstrate that amazing jobs are everywhere in ICTD, but to help them pick technical classes that would best serve future employers and fieldwork needs. Upon leaving academia, I knew that I would find my next position through ICT4D Jobs and Wayan, who has the insider knowledge to make fortuitous matches. Give yourself every advantage by working with him.” Revi Sterling, NetHope

“Wayan Vota was great about connecting me to his contacts in the ICT4D field for informational interviews. He also connected me to my current employer in less than a month. For anyone looking to break into or seek new opportunities in the ICT4D field Wayan is an invaluable resource.” Jacqui Deelstra, Creative Associates

“Wayan Vota is an intelligent networker. When I was seeking a job, he connected me with the exact type of opportunities I was looking for and the specific type of organizations I found of interest. For almost a decade now, he has been my go-to-person when I was looking for a person with a specific skill set or when I was seeking an new opportunity for myself. In fact, I reconnected with a contact at my dream organization at an event Wayan hosted and am now working there.” Karen Coppock, Tech Soup Global