If You Don’t Love Your Job, Why Are You Doing It?

In any given week, you spend 1/3 of your life at work, 1/3 of your life asleep, and 1/3 enjoying life. So if you spend 1/2 of your waking hours at work, or commuting to and from it, shouldn't you love what you do?

If you don't love your work, why are you doing it?

Seriously. Life is short, why waste it on a job you don't love? This is a question I always ask people who complain about their career. The responses are always some mixture of fear, uncertainly, or doubt.

It doesn't need to be that way.

You have the agency to find and get your dream job. I know this, as I did it. I am on my 3rd career. I was an accountant for non-profits (okay), a project manager for dot.coms (hated it) and now I'm in international development sales and I love it.

There is a proven path.

Its a simple 3-step process. 1. Find what you think you will love. 2. Network with others to confirm your idea and build a referral team that will help you get that job. 3. Help them to help you with a solid online presence and good follow-up.

Yep, that's all it takes.
You can either read this guy's posts (pretty good) and watch his videos (not so good) tolearn the details on how to do those 3 seemingly simple steps, or you can work with me one-on-one to figure our your personalized next steps (obviously, the best idea).

*Photo courtesy of DFID