“It’s great to meet you,” says the stranger at a networking event, smiling broadly as she shakes your hand. “So what you do.”

Uh oh, you think. Now what do I say? I came here to network, but now I remember why I hate networking events.

Do you:

  1. Launch into a five-minute monologue in which you rattle off your entire CV in reverse chronological order?
  2. Mumble something vague and self-effacing, check your watch, and flee to the drinks table?
  3. Smile back at your new contact and share your one-sentence networking introduction?

If you want to network more effectively, with less apprehension, and more ease,go for answer “c.”

If you want to learn how to create and share your one-sentance networking introduction, be sure to read, “You had me at ‘Hello’: How to introduce yourself at a networking event” before you jump into the job listings.