You Are on LinkedIn, Right?

You are on LinkedIn right?

It doesn’t matter if you like the LinkedIn platform or not. I personally find it very constrictive. However, it is the defaco Internet standard way of presenting your professional self online, so regardless of your thoughts, you need to have a LinkedIn profile.

What does your profile look like?

Do you have a recent, attractive, and professional photograph? Is your work history up to date? It is filled in with solid detail? Do have at least 150 friends? These are key metrics that differentiate your profile. Invest an hour on your profile now. Yes, its worth it.

What about the rest of LinkedIn?

Some people swear by its networking aspect and its groups. I find both lacking on LinkedIn, but that’s just me. For you, find what works the best. Still, at a minimum, have a good profile. The rest is optional.

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