What is Your Professional Brand?

Like companies and products, we all have brands. What makes a brand unique is its cohesive story that aligns with its successes, passions, and vision.

Your brand story should state what you’re passionate about in your industry, what you’ve accomplished, and where you eventually want to go.

An Established Brand

If you’ve been in your respective field for some time, it should be easy for you to create your brand story.

Assemble a guide of the key contributions you’ve done in each of your positions – major projects you’ve worked on, notable campaigns you’ve supported, or major product launches you’ve led.

When applying for a job and interviewing be able to romanticize that experience with the HR recruiter and the hiring manager.

Creating a Brand

If you’ve changed careers, align your brand story and experience to assure the company that you can do the job for which you are interviewing with interchangeable skills.

Find a way to show leadership, motivation, time management, delegation, listening, and communication – all great interchangeable skills for any position. Then show how you’ll apply them to the role you desire.

Brand Showtime

Now be prepared to tell your story in an interview in a clear theme that shows what you stand for professionally. You want to sound confident about your experiences, and your story should be real and authentic.

That’s what draws people in: confidently showcasing a strong person brand that is aligned with your experience and future direction.

By Terry Thierry, Digital Storyteller