Today Starts 2019 Job Hunt!

I know, you’re thinking this is Thanksgiving week in the USA and the start of the holiday season that slows down the job hunt. Some people even think it’s time to take a holiday from searching for a new job.

Do Not Be Fooled!

Today is the very start of the 2019 job hunt. Why? Because Jan 1 is the start of the new fiscal year for many organizations. That’s when budgets are live and teams start to post job ads for new staff.

You do not want to wait till Jan 1, and then blindly send in CVs. You’ll be dumped into the waves of responses sent to HR and get lost in the crowd.

Get Ahead Now

Start your job search today if you want a new job in 2019. Start researching the companies you want to work for, the roles you want to fill, and the colleagues you want to have.

Then ramp up your informational interviews. You should be meeting with at least 2-3 new people a week to build your network. You want someone you’ve met with to have you in mind when they are helping write the job description of your dream job.

Be Ready for Jan 1

That way, when the wave of job ads appears in early January, you’re not scrambling. You already know the ad is coming out, you’ve already talked with the hiring team, and you’re already ahead of everyone who took the holidays off.

Good luck!