Talk to the Hiring Manager

Want a Job? Talk to the Hiring Manager

Yes, I’ve told you time and again to stop wasting time on cover letters and resumes, to do informational interviews instead. Well now we have two great academic studies that prove me right.

Voice Beats Email Every Time

First, we now have proof that the elevator pitch works. Researchers found that a two-minute auditory pitch of a person’s qualifications beat text and tied with video. That’s right, just two minutes.

It might be longer than the classic “elevator pitch” and its certainly more intimidating than an email, but picking up the phone and calling the hiring manager can have a higher success rate. Well, if you know them, or can drop a name they know.

Referral Beats Everything

Which is why you should be informational interviewing your ass off. Around 50% of all jobs are won with a referral and Federal Reserve researchers found that a referral from a current employee increases your odds by 40%.

So really, why do you respond to job ads, even the ones below, if you don’t know someone at the company where you want to work? And if you don’t have a bid network now, why aren’t you informational interviewing to build one? Your competition is.

Now get out there and start networking.

*Photo courtesy of the Port Washington Patch