Stop Wasting Time: Apply for Your Dream Job

Earlier this week, I was career coaching an aspiring ICT4D practitioner who was applying to all manner of job opportunities. While their dream job was in one area, say human rights, they were also applying for similar roles in economic development and health.

Their idea, which is a common one, is that they should hedge their bets and still apply to areas outside their core interest, just in case.

However, this strategy usually backfires. As they found out, employers can tell when you are enthused and focused on their core mission, or not. The applicant was being asked in interviews if they would really be excited by economic development. They tried to put on a good face, but both the applicant and the employer knew better.

So if that’s the reality – your passion must show through in this hyper-competitive job market – stop wasting your time with roles outside of your dream job sector. Apply for your dream jobs first, second, and always.