Never Show You’re Desperate

Let’s say you don’t have a job. You’re nervous about getting one, and you’re close to taking any job, because you’re seeing the clock tick, the bank account drop, and you don’t want either to run out.

Never let a potential employer know you’re desperate.

The more you stress, the more you are outwardly nervous, the more you seem desperate, the less an employer will feel that you want to work for them, vs. anyone with a paycheck.

While the latter might be true at this moment, they know that if that’s your real motivation, you’ll also leave them once you feel secure.

Always Act Confident, Even If You’re Not

Take your time to respond – a few hours at least vs. seconds after they email. Don’t be overzealous – only ask once vs. the 241 times you wonder about their progress on your application. Overall, act like you’re interested, but not too interested.

Yes, this is way harder to do than to say.

I’m living this experience right now, myself. I’m waiting for an opportunity to pan out, a dream job with an awesome employer, after my last job didn’t work out, leaving me unemployed.

I’m trying to play it cool. To seem nonchalant, while inside I’m a ball of stress and nerves. I take deep breaths and remind myself it will all work out – about 72 times a day.

I’m sure you can relate.

Thanks for reading this far,