Job Search Questions & Answers Part 2

Recently I asked you to tell me about your job search dilemmas and wow! I received a wave of responses. Here is the next installment. Ask me question to see it responded to here.

Their Question:

All the advice I see is to focus my job search on one cause or role. However, I see so many interesting jobs – I want to apply to them all. I also don’t want to limit myself to one type of job. What if no one is hiring for it? How can I make my CV flexible enough to apply to multiple opportunities?

My Response:

The cold reality is that you have to pick a role and bet on it. I know what sounds both scary and limiting , but its the best way to actually break into ICT4D.

For every job opening, an organization will get 100-300 inquiries, most of which will be generic. People who seem interested in the field in general, but not that excited about the specific organization and its mission. They will also get 3-5 people who are really engaged – they know the issues, the people involved, and obviously care about having impact.

Who do you think will get the interview? The job?

So while I does feel like you are cutting off options when you focus on one specific role within one specific cause, you are actually taking a big step forward towards an ICT4D job. People hire on passion. Show yours.

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