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A Joy of ICT4D Employment: International Travel

Greetings from 35,000FT

As you read this, I am enjoying a miracle of modern life: international airlines. I am on the 10th longest commercial passenger flight – Johannesburg to Atlanta – and I’m in awe that we’ve figured out how to get 300+ people over 8,000 miles in just 15 hours.

Only a lifetime ago, this trip would only be possible by boat, and even then much more perilous than flying. Still, every takeoff I pray, and every inflight bump I fear, even after a a lifetime of air travel.

I am blessed

One of the reasons I write this newsletter to 4000+ subscribers is that I want more people to live the blessed life I have. I fly around the world – I just visited country #86 – and help people live better lives, using digital technology.

Of course, digital technology has its issues, hence the Digital Principles, DHIRT, and other resources to keep us working for good. Also, I certainly have carbon guilt with all these flights. However, I am convinced that the world is a better place thanks to my small inputs contributing to larger social movements.

Join me!

Please look at the IntraHealth job openings, and sign up for our newsletter. However, you don’t have to wait for a dream digital development job to effect change around the world. I started my ICT4D career with my own self-funded trip to East Africa back in 2002. That experience led to the career I enjoy now.

Actually, I could make a decent case that my Peace Corps Moscow experience in 1997 was my first true development work. I’d still recommend volunteering for the Peace Corps too – it is still the toughest job I ever loved.

However you do it, I’d love to have you in this field too.

Good luck!