I Just Quit My Job. Now What?

Do you remember that dream job I got working in the Philippines? Well it didn’t turn out so dreamy, I resigned recently, and now I’m living out one of professional nightmares.

I’m moving back to the USA without a job.

This should show you that every missive I write up here is direct from my personal experience. You’re learning from my mistakes, as I make them.

Start with Who You Know

First, I’m reaching out to my network to let them know I’m available on May 1. That’s direct emails, phone calls, and posts like this to pique interest in my skills and generate leads.

Next, I’m taking short term consulting gigs to further my networking, keep my skills fresh, and start to bring in money.

Don’t Forget the Big Picture

I’m also thinking about what I want to do next. I loved my work here, doing direct ICTforAg implementation, and I’d like to keep in the ag space.

Oh, that reminds me, have you registered for ICTforAg?

Yet we moved to the Philippines because my wife and I wanted a change. So we’re moving to Durham, NC instead of back to Washington, DC, and I’m looking forward to meeting innovators Research Triangle.

Is that you? Then email me!

Thanks for reading this far,