Do You Invest in Your Career?

I imagine that you are reading this newsletter because you want to improve your digital development career. You either want to stand out enough to get an ICT4D job, or move into a better one.

So do you invest in your ICT4D career? As in put in extra hours and use your own money to do cool things that will teach you new skills or help you meet new people?

If Not, Why Not?

I was recently talking with someone who refused to spend $100 on new technology that they could use in their work, because their company would not pay for it. I couldn’t understand why they would be so cheap.

Yes, it would be nice if a company gave us funds to experiment with new tools, but we shouldn’t let their conservatism retard our own inquisitiveness. The value of working better, and leading with innovation should supersede such pettiness.

Invest Now to Get and Stay Ahead

I routinely invest a few thousand dollars every year in new tech, experiences, and even travel to learn new skills, meet new people, and pursue new opportunities that are beyond my employer’s budget. I am able to bring this innovation back into my company to improve its efforts and my standing therein.

Now not all of my investments have paid off, and that’s okay. The ones that do have helped me leap ahead of others and opened doors I never thought existed, much less thought I could open them. So what are you waiting for – invest in your career to find your own open doors.

Good luck!