With Christmas and the New Year holidays approaching, many people will decide to put their job search process on hold. This would be a mistake.

  • First, there is less competition as others are taking the holidays off.
  • Next, with the start of the new year, we’ll see a jump in open positions as budgets are approved for Jan-Dec fiscal year projects and organizations.
  • Finally, the holidays are a great time to informational interview with family, and family friends.

So don’t stop your informational interviewing now. In fact, double down during the holidays. Make sure you are perfectly positioned now for the job opportunities that will come forth in January.

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The 3 Step Dream Job Process

I really enjoy helping people find their dream jobs. It gives me great satisfaction to see someone go from frustrated job seeker to happy employee or entrepreneur working on challenges that inspire and invigorate them. I have a decent record of success too, as many of my friends will confirm.

ICT4D Jobs BookRecently, my enthusiasm and expertise in digital development career support was richly rewarded.

I was asked to distill my advice for the book Solving Problems that Matter (and Getting Paid for It), which is being called the “Bible for impact career searchers” and “a must-read for Millennials” by its Amazon reviewers.

You can download a free Kindle version, or buy the printed book on Amazon if you’ll like to read it in full. Or here is a synopsis of my chapter:

Step 1: Have a Solid Pitch

The first step towards your dream development job is to think about your desires. What does your dream job look like? Then develop an elevator pitch about your interests.

You need to be able to say that you want to have a certain role in a specific sector (e.g., a project manager working in education or in business development for health services) and explain why that is your focus in a short, targeted paragraph or less.

Step 2: Informational Interview Your Ass Off

Next, start doing informational interviews to build a strong network of people who know of you and know your career aims. Do 3-5 interviews a week. Yes, that many. There are multiple online resources that tell you what an informational interview is and how to do one, though they often forget the most important activity: ask for names of their peers.

During an informational interview always ask for at least three people who are also in their field. You want to have three new contacts from every informational interview to grow your network.

Step 3: Invest in Your Network

Do not make the mistake of neglecting your contacts after you had an informational interview with them. Add their information to a spreadsheet listing whom you have talked to, what the key points were, and whom they connected you with.

Use your spreadsheet to track when you last contacted each person and be sure to reach back out to them and send along relevant news or connections that they would appreciate.

It’s That Simple

Yes, that is all it really takes to get a dream digital development job. However, few people actually do these steps as they take effort and bravery to ask dozens of people to meet with you. Instead, most people send out rounds and rounds of resumes to job ads that never pan out.

Don’t be them. Be a success. Follow these three steps, and I’m here to help if you need it.

Wayan & Asia